Sunday, May 19, 2013

IL Poggione 2006 Brunello Di Montalcino Riserva Vigna Paganelli,

IL Poggione 2006 Brunello Di Montalcino Riserva Vigna Paganelli, $67.99-$79.99, 94 points, bam if you follow Emeril Lagasse, or bam-bam if you are a Flintstone fan, but that's what pours out of the bottle. The aroma almost causes you to pull-back from the intensity; there is soft roses and violets, fresh turned earth and leather, red and black cherry, red licorice and dried herbs with hints of cigar; Magnifico!
The pomegranate color approaches a dense ruby hue with a transparent rim.
Acidic and tannic, this wine is wild right now, but texturally this medium-plus Sangiovese begins silky-smooth then explodes with its own brand of edginess.
Flavors follow faithfully the aroma, and the close of this wine is a very long finish of spearmint, heat (14.5% alcohol), and spice.


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  1. Dennis,

    A single vineyard Riserva at the price you state is a steal of the year and/or a mistake! Their Brunello normale is almost $65-75 around here. Very well done indeed. I'd buy whatever you can!