Saturday, June 1, 2013

Altovinum Evodia Calatayud, Spain, 2011 Old Vine Garnacha

Altovinum Evodia Calatayud, Spain, 2011 Old Vine Garnacha, $6.99-$12.99, 89 points, appears ruby red, with a pink hue and a broad clear rim.
Rich aroma of cedar, cinnamon, and plum is just slightly brighter than the 2007 vintage.
As with the 2007 vintage, a medium-plus body carries good acidity, but the tannins are more pronounced here, and the flavors marked by an almost sour red cherry with a mellowing plum, and an explosive spice finish with a lingering spearmint.
Maybe just a bit edgy for some, but with good unimpeded flavors, this is very nice red wine to me.
I was impressed with just how well the 2007 vintage aged, and I'm guessing this vintage has some years to it as well, maybe it will improve!

Altovinum Evodia, Calatayud, Spain 2007 Old Vine Garnacha, $6.99-$11.99, 90 points
Altovinum Evodia, Aragon, Spain, 2015 Old Vine Garnacha, $6.99-$12.99, 89 points


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