Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kathryn Hall Napa Valley 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

Kathryn Hall Napa Valley 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, $72.24-$105.99, 94 points, begins black at the core and trends crushed black currant and black berries toward the clear rim.
Profusely aromatic with red and black cherry, cedar and sweet cooking spice with a hint of lilac and sea breezes (a beautiful potpourri).
This full bodied red wine with a velvet texture, good acidity, mellowed yet sound tannin, carries immensity to a grand scale, but it does so with an elegance befitting its name, masculine with power, but subtle with a feminine floral quality; boysenberry and black currant fruit with plum flavors, as well as following the nose onto the palate, issues a reminder that this wine is near its zenith, fruity, yet complex with hints of coffee liqueur (14.8% alcohol), black licorice, and cherry pie.
The trailing palate transitions into the finish with black pepper and a tomato-red-pepper.
I have wanted to taste this wine for three years, and I'm sure there's at least three more years left to her, but when I described this wine being near its zenith, I'm confident that it is. I paid the $72.24, but the last list price I saw has zoomed to $105.99.


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  1. You have to pay that much for Hall wines to bankroll the Frank Gehry tasting room!!!
    How is Mondesi?

    1. Vinogirl, Mondesi is fading. Mostly everyone says bring her to the vet and put her down, but the moment she goes to the vet she freaks, and I just can't handle her last experience being anything else but peaceful. So I've been feeding her by hand in small doses,
      ice cream, yogurt, chicken liver, and or any thing else she'll eat; she sleeps with me and just seems to want to be comforted. Lately I've been forcing her to take a vitamin and a fish-oil pill, but I don't give my little girl much longer=(
      Thanks for asking.

  2. Sorry your poochy is so poorly. My old V1 has good days and bad days, so I know how hard it is to see them age. I wish Mondesi a peaceful and painless twilight.

  3. Bummer Dennis. And I'm not referring to the wine. Sometimes I think we hang on when the pet tells us they want to go. Make her comfortable and I'm sorry she's not well.