Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cline North Coast 2011 Viognier

Cline North Coast 2011 Viognier (pronounced),  $7.64-$11.99, 89 points, appears a very pale lime to golden in color, and has an off-dry near medium body with fair acidity.
Honeydew melon and orange-peel wafts from the cold white wine, but an appealing shift has already cleared away a more earthy smell and the transition is now onto  lime, hibiscus, and jasmine notes, all of which seem to drift in and out on the palate in a lovely dance of now you taste me, now you don't.
The long finish of a de-intensifying palate with a creamy lingering ginger is subtle and pleasant.
Amazing what "little" money can buy when you're willing to explore the wonderful world of wine.
Cline continues to be one of those go-to wineries!


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  1. Caveat emptor, as always must be heeded, but how can you miss with $7.64; the idea is not that I know that much about wine, but that I encourage you, the wine explorer, to break the mold (with me)and see what happens.
    There is nuance in this wine, there is texture, and there is the satisfaction of trying something different.