Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Château Saint-Sulpice 2010 Bordeaux

Château Saint-Sulpice 2010 Bordeaux, $9.99-$11.99, 86, points, appears typically Bordeaux red with crushed black berries deepening the core, and a clear rim.
The aroma is a bit different, with hints of cedar, musty earth, sea air, and an odd hint of "pee", but the wine continued in transition once poured.
Transition marked the body and flavor profile as well; upon first tasting this red Bordeaux, it struck me as shy of a medium-body, but after an hour or so, the body seemed near full while carrying good acidity and easy tannin. Early on, thin blackberry and licorice transitioned toward plum, blackberry, and Kirsch, all of which trailed into the finish with a hint of spice and dominant plum.


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