Friday, April 4, 2014

Salmon & Trout 2011 Bordeaux White Wine

Salmon And Trout 2011
Bordeaux White Wine (80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Sémillon), $7.99, 84 points, began a bright burnished brass color, smelled mostly like cantaloupe with a gentle floral note, was light-plus bodied with good acidity and off grassy flavors with a wash of citrus.
Finished with tart citrus, a touch of the 12% alcohol, and a hint of ginger.
Paired okay with sautéed sea scallops.
I bought this wine at the Londonderry Market Basket.
Of course, this just might not be enough for some of you, so here's my answer to that: Just The Facts Ma' am :-)


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  1. Don't you think this seems to be marketed to the American consumer? There is very little of anything French about it!

    1. Absolutely! Well the grapes are French :-)