Monday, September 5, 2016

La Fiera 2014 Soave

La Fiera 2014 Soave, $13.59-$16.99, 85+ points, was a tinge of lime green on a dominant polished medium gold color trailing clear at the glass edge.
Aromas of pear, lemon, and a hint of cilantro were shy, but okay.
Light-plus body (dry) carried fair acidity with rather nondescript pome and lemon flavors which trailed into the fair finish of ginger and an easy 12% alcohol.
Paired well with my garden tomatoes and fried butterfly shrimp.
I bought this Italian white wine (A blend of Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave) at the Whole Foods of Bedford.


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  1. Soave was one of the wines I cut my wine-teeth on when I was a teenager. Not a great score - what was your main objection?

    1. VG: I'll have to take a quote from you and your page of May 5th.'16 in addressing your question: "The wine had no outstanding qualities." However my forthcoming Soave review is more favorable.
      This current review was in keeping with my attempts to stay positive.