Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ridge Estate Monte Bello Vineyard 2013 Merlot

Ridge Estate Monte Bello Vineyard 2013 Merlot, $40.79-$47.99, 93 points, showed deep/dark reds with a tint of maroon and a clear wine ring at the somewhat teary glass wall.
Unusual aromas struck my son's nose as varietal-specific (blind tasting), I found it floral, meaty, and herbal with hints of sage and clove.
Full-bodied, rich, lush, having more good complex qualities than most Cali Merlot wines you're likely to taste; the Ridge Estate Monte Bello Vineyard 2013 Merlot was mouth-wateringly acidic, displayed fine-layered tannins, and an unfolding panoply of flavors; plums, toasty blackberries, citrus, cigar, chocolate and violets to savory flavors that begged to be tasted alone, but paired beautifully with our spaghetti in a rich meaty tomato sauce, and paired surprising well with my son's Chinese five-spice apple tarts on an almond and pecan crust.
This 100% Merlot with a modest 13.8% alcohol finished as splendidly as it began.

Ridge, why it's a "go to" winery.

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  1. Dennis, is this a new wine? I've not seen a Merlot from Monte Bello. Ridge is a great winery and dare I say, still underappreciated. I visited their vineyards back in 2013 and it was a wonderful afternoon. On a separate note, after seeing your corkscrew in the picture above, check out - I think you'll like it.

  2. Back to the U.S.
    I love Merlot (Shafer having once been a favourite, but no more), so I will have to seek out a bottle of the Ridge Merlot.

  3. TV: The Bottle-breachers offer some tempting products; thx! As for Ridge Merlot being a new thing, I believe they've made this wine since at least 2009, but the 2013 might just be the best vintage to date.

    VG: You won't be unhappy with this Shafer replacement! Oh, at least $7 less expensive!