Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Albesia Roero 2016 Arneis (DOCG)

Albesia Roero 2016 Arneis (DOCG), $13.99-$15.99, 92 points, poured a light brass color grading clear.
Delicate aromas of candied pome blossoms were satisfyingly effective.
The delicate light body wasn't ineffective either, as it showed itself righteously acidic and the bearer of a sophisticated pear flavor nuanced with a hint of Lychee nut.
Finished long on will-o'-the-wisp ginger notes, a hint of citrus, and a substantial 13.5% alcohol.
Paired perfectly with my Mediterranean Yellow-fin tuna salad.
A definite diamond-in-the-rough if subtlety in white wine is your thing.


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  1. "Righteously acidic" sounds right up my street.

    1. VG: I can see you and imagine VM toasting this wine in a quaint Napa restaurant right now. ;)