Sunday, November 25, 2012

Amon-Ra 2006 Shiraz Revisited

Amon-Ra 2006 Shiraz Revisited, is a replay of of Ben Glaetzer's remakable red wine from the Barossa Valley ($80.74-$94.99, 96 points)
All I can say is that the three of us were in awe of this absolutely wonderful red wine. Ben says "this is how you work it."
Ethan says "give it to yourself-best wine ever."
Glaetzer Wines Barossa Valley


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  1. A seriously extracted Shiraz, but yikes, that price! I've had this once, I think the 2002 or 2004. Pre-blog days.... It really was delicious, but yikes the price! :)

    1. John, I hear you on the price! Not much one can do if you want to taste an expensive wine; I did wait for it to go on sale, and to me a better wine than the Mollydooker Carnival Of Love 2007 McLaren Vale Shiraz, which was about the same price.
      I bought two and wasn't disappointed at all! This is still the only wine I've scored above 95 points.

  2. Yeah, I hear you too. I like a guy who's stingy with the points. When you speak, I listen. And on an unrelated issue, you take some kick ass pics.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Yes?

    1. Thanks John.
      The family ate out, as is our tradition, at the Derryfield Country Club. The food was the best in years, and the fix-ens all come home nicely packed; no fuss no muss.
      I trust all is back to normal for you?

  3. Si amico, tutto a posto....

    Only thing left to do is hack the tree apart that I moved off the yard. Still can't find chain saws around here, but my neighbor chopped it up small enough for me to get it moved out of the way to a safe location.