Thursday, February 16, 2012

Duck Pond Columbia Valley, Washington State Desert Wind Vineyard 2009 Syrah

Duck Pond Estate Grown 2007 Syrah, $13.59-$14.99, 86 points, reminds me more of a Merlot than a Syrah, with a deep purple color, the aroma is very earthy (Maybe just a hint of leather) with grape and damson plum. The texture is smooth with good acidity. Flavors of plum, mushroom, and black currant with some green notes late palate are followed by a short pepper finish.


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  1. Interesting that a single vineyard Syrah would be selling in the under-$15 price range. I wonder if this is a new vineyard? That might account for the lighter, Merlot-like body and texture.

    1. Bill, I didn't realize, hadn't done the research, that this is a new vineyard (Me bad), but that's why you are here: Washington Syrah 101. It wasn't the body of the wine, but its flavor profile (Plum-black currant almost no spice) which reminded me of Merlot rather than Syrah. I do have serveral Duck Pond Merlots and Cabernets in the cellar, and I should dig them out and compare them, but alas it's time I need.

      Thanks Bill,