Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chateau Nicot 2008 Bordeaux and Picheral 2006 Merlot

French Wine detour. Everywhere I'm coming across French wines (Haven't as of yet seen their Syrah), so when I get a chance to taste them I don't mind detouring my Syrah/Shiraz exploration.

Chateau Nicot 2008 Bordeaux, $10.00-$14.00, 88 points, 85% Merlot-15% Cabernet Sauvignon, is their Grand Vin (A winery's best wine).
The color is typically Bordeaux with garnet showing, and very young.
Having a quite pleasant, but subtle aroma with hints of clove, cinnamon, and boysenberry jam.
This is a quaffing wine (By itself or with food), with good acids and tame tannin carried on a light-plus body with mellow flavors of pomegranate and boysenberry.
The finish is a surprisingly spicy affair, with cayenne and white pepper.
The alcohol is a perfect 13%.
À votre verre!

Picheral 2006 Merlot, Vin De Pays (Country-Wine of France) approximately $10.00, 83 points.
Purple to plum in color.
Warm spice, subtle earth and milk make-up the aroma.
This is an austere wine, with a demanding acidity and an over-whelming tannic presence making this wine (For me) almost undrinkable without a food accompaniment (My porter-house steak was okay), all of this austerity masking this wine's fruit. The alcohol is 13%. 


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  1. Thanks for these reviews Dennis. I'll likely avoid the Picheral. I'll be venturing into the Syrah realm, myself. I just ordered a 2006 Justin Syrah, and I'm going to do a review on it, which I'll send you. Wondering if you've had anything of this variety?

  2. Ben said: Wondering if you've had anything of this variety?
    I'm wondering did you forget this:

  3. Ben, if you don't want to just do a review to your blog I'll be glad to put on this site under your name?

  4. Dennis, I could never forget the Justin we tasted together. Sorry for the odd way I word sentences. What I meant to say was, have you tried one from this year, or possibly any other varieties of Justin? I believe the one we had was an 07.

  5. Ben, I did try their "standard" Cab, which was just OK for me; the thing is that equally "good" cabs can be found for under $15-, but it was worth trying. It took a shove from Paul to get me to try the Isosceles; more than once a winery will disappoint in one area and shine in another: three of which I haven't gotten around to trying again is SIMI, Wildhorse, and Sterling, tastings which had left me disappointed.
    The review is not that good, but it is what it is; I beginning to sound like you!