Monday, February 13, 2012

Edward Sellers Paso Robles 2007 Sélectionnée Syrah

Edward Sellers Paso Robles 2007 Sélectionnée Syrah, $26.78-$31.99, 90 points.
Well, after yesterday's Syrah disappointment, my son stops by for grilled baby-backs and. . . 
Me: "I think you'll like tonight's Syrah!"
My son: "I figured after last night's wine, which I couldn't drink, you 'd have something special."
Edward Sellers would provide the contrast with this very nice Syrah.
The color is a brilliant and bright purple welling opaque.
With sweet grape and cooking spices garnished with hints of espresso, the aroma captivates.
The medium body brings out juicy black and blue fruit with hints of chocolate.
The finish is moderate with good spice, black pepper, and just a bit of alcohol heat (The bottle says 14.9%), but might be a little more. There is a balanced acidity and tannin presence, and as mentioned in part, was paired with BB ribs, butternut squash and buttered mashed potatoes.

Me: "Nice wine I'd gladly buy again."

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  1. Thanks for the review, Dennis. How did Eth rank this one?

  2. Ben, he didn't say exactly, but nodded when I said 90.