Friday, April 5, 2013

Emma Pearl Central Coast 2009 Merlot

Emma Pearl Central Coast 2009 Merlot, $13.99-$16.99,  89 points, is one of those wines that no review or tasting is required to purchase; just look at the label and you can see a "Martha Stewart" decorating a table-setting with it. Yeah, it is on the thin-side of an apron more expensive than your bin-sale Merlot, but when you're playing the role of a "Martha Stewart", you dig a "five" deeper into that purse to impress. Right!

In the glass, the color appears slightly more ruby than pomegranate and is quite clear, but is crowned with only a thin clear rim.
Mildly aromatic, the nose is a sweet red cherry, light cinnamon and cedar, with just a whiff of alcohol (14.5%).
Good acidity and mild tannin are carried by its medium body and a "normally" smooth and textured Merlot.
Flavors of  tart red cherry, plum, with hints of smoke and alcohol trail long into a spicy finish.

I was pleasantly surprised by this Merlot, and I would certainly recommend it, but the caveat is that great spice on the finish: some may prefer less of it.

Bought at the Londonderry Shaws super market, but is now available at the NHLSs.


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  1. Poor Merlot somehow became the red-headed step-child to Cab. Funny, when one of the greatest wines on the planet is a Merlot (Petrus).
    Clos Du Bois Merlot is a great wine to use when one wants to show the typical varietal characteristics to someone new to wine. Have you ever tried it?

    1. Vinogirl-Yes, the 2006 Alexander Valley.
      But thanks for the mention, cause I'll see if I have a different vintage, and I'll pay more attention to what you've said:-)

    2. Nah! Don't pay any attention to my ramblings...

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