Sunday, April 28, 2013

Writer's Block 2009 California Cabernet Franc

Writer's Block 2009 California Cabernet Franc, $14.49-$15.99, 86 points, appears ruby at the core trending crushed black fruit toward a clear rim.
Earth, clove, and a floral red cherry are aromatic.
My first taste caused me to grimace from a combination of bitterness, high acidity, and a sour hint, but I shook that off and the wine settled down to drinkable, and paired okay with my Rib-eye steak.
Medium body and scratchy tannin carry a rather rough red wine, but the overall flavor is good, having a tart red and black cherry, hints of butterscotch and menthol, culminating with a moderately spicy finish.
Produced and bottled by QMS group, Kelseyville, California.

Oh, just a note about spring finally arriving (weather-wise) to New Hampshire, found Portsmouth adorned with sunshine, mild zephyrs, blossoms and families walking the old streets with one of the last brick and mortar music video stores, multiple cafes, art studios, and restaurants.


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  1. Looks so pretty in your neck of the woods.

    1. Vinogirl, there are places worth seeing in NH, but having been to the Grand Canyon, Big Ben, and many other exciting places, nothing beats the beauty of Northern California.
      Portsmouth is nice, quaint, and the White Mountains can be hiked all your life and not see the end of it, but I fell in love with the diversity and Bigness of Cali's trees, coast, and variability. If I wasn't so poor, and the cost of living so high there, I just may have moved there some time ago.