Sunday, April 14, 2013

Petrolo Galatrona 2005 Merlot

Petrolo Galatrona 2005 Merlot,
$55.24-$120.99, 93 points, has been in its wooden crates at the Wine store for some time (maybe years), the prohibitive price deflecting its purchase for a rather long time, but after a year or so, this highly rated Italian Merlot persuaded me to give it a go, and after cellaring it another year, the occasion of tasting a number of Merlot wines, this wine's age, and my curiosity precludes waiting another day.
Petrolo Galatrona 2005 Merlot begins in the glass with wafting aromas, and before I even had a chance to look at the wine I was smelling it; with strong black currant and just hints of cooking spice, I was left a bit wanting and let-down from its propitious beginning.
This Merlot is without doubt the densest, blackest, and most full-bodied Merlot I've ever seen.
Texturally it is satin-smooth, with moderate acidity and mild and milky-like tannin; I am now beginning to understand the legend that is Petrolo: powerful yet delicate, verdant yet flavorfully balanced with rich black fruit, dried herbs, and a lean round meatiness that makes this Merlot a cut above all the most recent tastings) perfect for vegetarians who miss 'the' taste).
With the judicious addition of spice, the finish seems to carry the trailing palate to the conclusion.
If you are one of those people who has a propensity for only easy drinking  red wines, but want something special, or if you have joined "Miles" in denouncing Merlot, I dare say that the ONLY problem you'll have with this one is the price.
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  1. Ahh huh.

    Dead on. At that price, I'd be buying in bulk. It's a three digit wine in this neck of the woods - where oh where did you come across it for the range you listed?

    Miles can suck it. This wine rocks it hard. If you ever see their Torrione (100% Sangiovese) buy a lot. At about $30, it's a steal.


    1. John, this was a close-out sale at the NHLS