Monday, April 22, 2013

Sangiovese (USA)

Sangiovese (USA) continues my exploration, having abandoned with last May's foray into the red wine, in tasting Sangiovese wines produced in the United States, which in Italy has made Chianti and Brunello so incredibly great. Some have said that the difference, the divide so to speak, is wide and unbridgeable, but the knowing is in the tasting.
Below is my work-in-progress listing those American efforts I can find in New Hampshire (Not Many).
Producing a Sangiovese wine of character in the USA seems to be a challenge, and if not Italian also-rans, then I look for a new expression of the wine worthy of the name.

Acorn Alegria Vineyards Russian River Valley 2006 Sangiovese, $20.39-$35.99, 90 points
Chatom Calaveras County Gitano 2008 Sangiovese, $16.20-$18.00, 91 points
Luna Napa Valley 2007 Sangiovese, $23.99, 85 points
Petroni (Sonoma Valley, California) Poggio Alla Pietra Estate Grown 2011 Sangiovese, $28.04-$74.99, 90 points
Terra d'Oro Amador County 2007 Sangiovese, $9.90-$13.75, 85 points
Valley Of The Moon Sonoma County 2008 Sangiovese, $10.19-$14.99, 87 points


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