Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stark Raving White Wine

Stark Raving White Wine, $9.00-$9.99, 86 points, begins as a pale straw yellow, with aromas of sweet melon trending cantaloupe.
Textually, Stark Raving White is moderately smooth, light-plus body, just off-dry, and with fair acidity, finishes short with just a hint of spice, but paired wonderfully with my spiced baked haddock.
A blend of Chardonnay and Moscato, I found the Moscato to be more noticeable, and that is fine with me, but it's not a typically sweet Moscato, but curbed and drier.
I don't usually think of White Wines as table wines (not sure why), but that is just what this Rosenblum Cellars White Wine is.
Just wondering if anyone else saw the resemblance to Hugh Jackman? or maybe Robert Downey Jr.?


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  1. That is so weird that we did a Rosenblum post on the same day!

  2. Dennis--maybe a deranged Hugh Jackman :).

    1. Nick, everyone's Crazy Except You and Me...And I'm Not So Sure About You! That as our a-priori, assumes somewhere there's an image of me that betrays my own 'insanity';-)