Sunday, August 12, 2012

Col D'orcia 2004 Brunello DI Montalcino

Col D'orcia 2004 Brunello DI Montalcino, $49.99-$53.99 (I had a NHLS $25 gift card as well- final cost: $24.99), 91 points, is, right up front, the lowest scoring Brunello I've tasted. This is not a "bad" wine, but just doesn't qualify for any Quality Price Award.

Bright ruby-red in color with a broad transparent rim, smelling of earthy menthol, beech-wood, and black olive, having a medium body with bountiful acidity that melted my meal before I swallowed it, and firm tannin pressing into the comparatively short finish of tart fruit.
Though the palate was juicy with a bit of Boysenberry and hints of sweet cooking spice, this Brunello is, to me, not a stand alone wine, but excellent with typical Italian cuisine. 

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  1. Still, it's kind of a shame at the price point. Col d'Orcia has never really impressed me as a Brunello producer. I had a bottle of their famed "Olmaia" in my cellar - thought I still had it, but I don't. I drank it, and don't even remember. It was that noteworthy. I'm sure others love them, but they've never rung my bell.

    1. John, a most interesting comment; as a "newbie" wine lover, I'm always amazed when I seem to be in sync with someone who has so much experience.
      To taste a wine is to understand: "In vino veritas", but to sell a wine?