Sunday, August 5, 2012

Michele Chiarlo Monferraton 2006 MonTald Albarossa

Michele Chiarlo Monferraton 2006 MonTald Albarossa (DOC), 
$23.37-$27.49, 90 points, is an uncommon grape varietal hybrid of Nibbiolo and Barbera grapes and grown in Piedmont, Italy.
The color is deep rosewood, black at the core, and with a clear rim.
"Barnyard Blues" was the aroma upon opening, so I let it sit over night to behold a transformation not unlike a princess kissing a frog (Sometimes a wine needs more time before it shows-off what it has to offer). This morning the "butterfly" bouquet was sweet cooking spice, hints of cedar, and black cherry.
The near full body shows high acidity and layers of firm tannin.
Black cherry was the fruit of note, but this is a complex wine, a delicious wine with eucalyptus and floral notes, a bit chalky with earth and mushroom.The finish was long on the palate notes, but juicy with only a hint of spice.


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