Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wine tasting can go viral!

Update 2018: Having done this fun non-wine post within a wine-blog almost six years ago has gone a bit stale, so with the help of Congdon's bakery I'm adding Nick's opinion of their jelly donut: "Magnifico!"
Drinking wine with a critical palate can lead to all sorts of malfeasance ("This is just wrong!").
Nick, out of the blue, says that "Dunkin Donuts are the best . . ." So, now having trained myself to taste-test wine more critically, I challenged Nick to a "blind doughnut tasting".

The challengers in the Jelly doughnut category where from left to right:
Dunkin Donuts: 6 points ($1.00)
Hannaford's Super market: 8 points (86 cents)
Market Basket: 10 points (79 cents)
Shaw's Super market: 9 points (79 cents)

Earlier he tasted spiced apple; the results were:
Dunkin Donuts: 4 points
Hannaford's: 6 points
Market Basket: 8 points

These scores do not reflect size or price, but seeing is believing. 

Now when Nick wants a doughnut, guess where he gets them?

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  1. We need more detailed tasting notes, man! Is there a New Hampshire Doughnut Man blog in your future?

    1. Bill, that's a good idea, but I doubt it; this was something Nick asked me to do. Yup, I'm a Lemming!