Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ernie Els Big Easy 2010 Red Wine

Ernie Els Big Easy 2010 Red Wine, $16.99-$19.99, 87 points, ruby-red and a broad clear rim, with a toasted white-bread aroma and only hints of cherry fruit and petrol.
The near-full body carries good acidity and mildly soft tannin.
Flavors of dominant red cherry and floral hints manage to make this wine rather jammy, and the spicy finish is fair.

This South African Red Wine is composed of :
67% Shiraz
16% Cabernet Sauvignon
6% Cinsaut
4% Mourvedre 
4% Grenache
3% Viognier

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  1. Dennis,

    I've been meaning to try some South African wines for a few years now but still haven't gotten around to it. Kudos to you for staying adventurous!


    1. Nick, it seems, around here anyway, that Austrian wines are the rage, and Vinography too is posting about Austrian wines as well.
      What determines my explorations is mostly what's available and price; though I've had a difficult time finding new Zinfandel wines to taste, often when I find them they are too expensive without some background on them. Zinfandel for $25 can be disappointing (Lust Zin was over $50 and one of my biggest disappointments), but Brunello is almost never disappointing and that is a matter of degree, rather than not liking (Not one Brunello have I not liked, but still the prices are up there), even at $50. So, I'd rather chance an unknown Brunello for $50 than an unknown Zin for $25.
      I guess I feel like chit-chatting today!
      As for So. Africa, the prices are almost always worth taking a chance, so exploring their wines is a no-brainer.