Saturday, August 11, 2012

Corte Moschina Prosecco

Corte Moschina Prosecco, $12.99 at the Londonderry Market Basket, 86 points, is quite clear with just a touch of "sun-light".
Has a gentle melon aroma.
A light body magnifies an early onslaught of fizz which diminishes quickly, but the acidity is good and the wine is very dry.
Prosecco grape flavor is present, but overall this is a more neutral tasting Prosecco than most I've tasted.
The Prosecco grape flavor finishes long.
Since I'm fast running out of Prosecco wines to taste, I did not wait for a sale on this wine, and since I can't seem to find this any more, it was good that I didn't wait. So, if you're looking for the Corte and can't find it, I apologize, but I will keep my eyes open and let you, those who might be interested, know.

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