Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Peachy Canyon Paso Robles Westside 2008 Zinfandel

Peachy Canyon Paso Robles Westside 2008 Zinfandel, $11.99-$19.99 (NHLS Power-buy), 86 points, has its moments, but this vintage didn't strike me to be as good as the 2006.
The 2008 Westside Zin has a nearly cloudy cranberry color throughout, but darkens at the core and has a clear rim.
An earthy cherry nose with hints of spice is just okay for me.
This Zinfandel is nearly full-bodied and carries persistent acidity with light tannin.
Flavors I tasted were wild-berry, plum (as the wine breathed), and red cherry which tasted and felt too jammy for me (almost syrupy).
The finish is the high-point of this Zin; it is long on a spicy cayenne, clove and white pepper; there is some warmth with the 15.2% alcohol.
QPR is excellent at $11.99.


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  1. We visited Peach Canyon back in '09. I liked some of their winery-only, single vineyard Zins, but the widely distributed wines (like Westside) didn't do anything for me.

    They were having a "buy one for regular price get another for $1" sale so we loaded up on a couple of micro-production offerings. But I don't bother with the ones that make it to Kansas retailers.

    That being said, that $12 "power buy" is quite a deal. That same wine is $20 in Kansas. For $12 here, you get Peachy Canyon's "Incredible Red."

    1. Bill, do you ever find that the Google blogger won't let you reply on your own blog?
      To the wine: I love almost everything Paso Robles, but when a Zin is too jammy, well, it's just not a style I like. As you say: $12 is quite a deal.
      These power-buys sometimes can go wrong. You wouldn't want to get stuck with buying cases of the stuff without tasting them first, and often the vintage is on the decline.
      I have had a number of power-buy wines that were out of this world good, but one needs to watch for them.
      The other day, the Gallo Sonoma 2008 PN for $8.99, but somehow got marked-down to $3.49; well, I bought one, but Angie bought 3 cases. I haven't tasted it yet, but for $3.49!
      I guess this is called "blogger's chit-chat".

    2. Damn, for $3.49 I'd buy a case or two. Even if it isn't particularly good, you can always use it for cooking wine!

      I think I've mentioned this before, but my f-i-l has a gig like that going down in Corpus Cristi, TX. There's a retailer down there who loves buying wholesaler close-outs and blowing them out for next to nothing. I've taken advantage of some deals like that in Missouri, but I never see that kind of stuff in KS.

      I don't think I've ever been shut out of my own blog. But every once in a while I'll try to reply to a comment when I'm not logged in and it'll as me to "choose a profile" and all that stuff. In that case, I usually just "copy" my post, sign in and then "paste" the same reply.

      And is it just me, or are those "challenges" getting harder and harder to decipher. Looks like a melted black crayon and a really blurry set of numbers....

  2. after reading this post i really like it as its make alive my old memory with my friends as we enjoyed lot with paso robles wines at affordable price........