Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sokol Blosser Willamette Valley 2010 Pinot Gris

Sokol Blosser Willamette Valley 2010 Pinot Gris, $15.29-$19.99, 93 points, is one of those wines I can safely say: "Though I'm not sure why this is such a good wine, I know one when I taste one." I suspect that when you pour a cold glass of this wine for your family and friends you'll see the instant pleasure on their faces. So, what ever price you pay, you'll get one of the better Pinot Gris wines sold in the Granite State.
To the wine:
The color is near water-clear with gold and lime hues.
Though the aroma is soft and subtle, it is nevertheless lovely sweet apple and apple blossoms.
Having a light-plus body that carries good acidity  (medium-plus for the nonplussed), and off-dry. The mouth-feel is full, rich, brisk yet substantial, and refreshing.
The flavor contradicts the axiom: "You don't get sweet and bitter from the same fountain." Sokol Blosser begins with sweet quince and warms to tart apple.
I want to say this is not a complex wine, but I might be at odds with my description of it. So finishing with my post and the long ginger finish of this wonderful Piont Gris, I'll leave you with the profound simplicity of this quaffer of a wine.


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  1. Dennis,

    You've found some very nice Pinot Gris this summer. I have to admit that Pinot Gris has probably been my least favorite white wine, but this summer I've found some that I've really liked, a couple of which I discovered on this blog. Haven't tried this particular wine, but sounds enticing--and it's very well priced.