Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Blizzard of 2013", from -Wineman's White-Window

The "Blizzard of 2013" will go down in the record books, and though summer barbecues haunt my window, friends and family will see us persevere, and even make some memories, not to mention that we have food and drink (wine); "let it snow, let it snow!"

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  1. I can imagine a well stocked wine cellar would make being snowed in more bearable. Never having lived in the snow, it all sounds rather exciting, and looks quite beautiful, to me.

    1. Vinogirl, snow is both beautiful and deadly; its beauty never fails to amaze me, but between heart attacks, hurt backs, and accidents, the snow often harms not only people, but wildlife as well, but nature must have 'her' way!

  2. Dennis,

    Best of luck shoveling all of that snow. I'm confident that you have some hearty wines to warm you up, though.



  3. And I've got some good hearty recipes recently posted. We only got about 8 or 10" - that's enough for me. :) I've been through the 3 footers before and they are a lot of work. Glad you're ok.

  4. Hey John, I think it snowed more like 23 inches where I am, but my arms and back feel like it was three feet; I don't know what I'd have done without help.
    When you get a lemon you make . . ., but today we've added two inches of ice and snow making traveling rather difficult.
    Thanks for your thoughtfulness!