Thursday, February 28, 2013

TUSSOCK JUMPER Vin De France Pinot Noir Bin 10

TUSSOCK JUMPER Vin De France Pinot Noir Bin 10, $9.99, 87 points, explodes with a brilliant sunburst red and terminates with a broad watery rim.
Enter an issue all wine tasters sooner or later come across: the smell of soap in a wine. It has happened to me only two times, but today is one of them. I am fastidious about  hand-washing and rinsing my wine glasses, so when I poured a glass of the TUSSOCK JUMPER, swished and swirled, first noticing a hint of soap, I poured, swished, and swirled another glass, but the smell was exactly the same. With a hint of spicy red cherry, the aroma was still passably okay though a bit faint.
Medium bodied with good acidity and light tannin, this dry red wine impresses with juicy flavors of cherry, plum and licorice.
The finish is fair with woody spice and menthol.
New Hampshire Pinot Noir enthusiasts will find this as a "New Item" at the Market Basket Super Market in Londonderry, NH.


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