Friday, January 15, 2016

Frei Brothers Dry Creek Valley 2013 Merlot Reserve

Frei Brothers Dry Creek Valley 2013 Merlot Reserve, $16.99-$20.99, 88 points, appeared an opaque maroon with a broad clear wine ring.
An overbearing grapey aroma with hints of cedar and violets were okay.
This 2013 Merlot just passed the threshold of a medium-plus body, and manifested good acidity and moderately supportive tannin.
Frei Brothers managed with aplomb the many flavors of mulberry, black grape, red cherry, tart pomegranate and cedar.
Finished fair on spearmint, plumb, a well integrated 14.3% alcohol, and mild spice notes.


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  1. Love the reflection, very clever.

    1. VG: Not to look a compliment gift in the horse's mouth, I was unsatisfied with this picture.
      On a side note, I met this wine consultant last week, and he says to me: "I've been making wine notes for thirty years, and I use a lot of your graphics. Oops!