Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wine: What's the ruckus all about?

We just witnessed another "wine week" in Manchester, it happens in most major cities, but for the average Supermarket $5-$10 wine drinker, all the hubbub bursting extravagant with expensive fanfare and all, seems a bit out of place or just plain silly.
Motivation is a large part of the commotion; "I'm in with the in-crowd. . . money, money, money (business)",  Art, both culinary and otherwise, from labels to bottle design, and advertisements (did I say money), debauchery, and just for the sheer love of wine, from the poetic to the prosaic, from the historical to the hysterical.
Whatever side of the fence you may be on, wine is the motivation for books, movies, crime, and epicurean preoccupations, not the least is feasting festivities, music, and romance.
Just a few thoughts on "Wine week". NHWM

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  1. Well said. Just brought Butter chardonnay to a family get together yesterday and it was a hit. I guess I should have brought 2 bottles.

    1. Marie: Thx for commenting; one of these days I'll taste the one I bought 4 years ago! Oh well, Chardonnay is one of those white wines that can age well!