Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ridge Ponzo Vineyard 2013 Zinfandel

Ridge Ponzo Vineyard 2013 Zinfandel, $24.64-$28.99, 92 points, poured core black lightening to a purple/red and a broad clear wine ring with heavy sheeting on the glass bowl.
Ridge's outstanding aromatic trademark remains intact, wafting lovey clove, cedar, cinnamon, sweet black cherry, and coffee notes.
Medium-plus bodied, good acidity, appropriate backbone of tannins, and a rather silky texture were propitious.
Black licorice and wild blackberry cordial dominated more subtle flavors of plum, coffee, and black cherry notes.
Finished fine on the trailing palate, hot spices, and a warm 14.8% alcohol.

Ridge, why it's a "go to" winery.

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