Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chateau Nicot 2009 Bordeaux

Chateau Nicot 2009 Bordeaux, $10.80-$15.49, 86 points, was a deep purple/red with a clear wine ring and heavily draped glass bowl.
Subtle blackberry and plum aromas were barely noticeable, but nothing unpleasant.
Near full-bodied, good acidity, and firm supportive tannin managed black fruit flavors with hints of plum, pomegranate, and mint.
Finished unremarkably on the trailing palate and a noticeable 14% alcohol, but still a yeoman's red table wine.


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  1. BevMo is opening in Napa soon. Just a small shop by the looks of it, but I am hoping to be able to compete with you as to more variety in what I am able to purchase (and consume, of course).

    1. Sadly, I can't move my wine cellar next door to you guys; I'd be glad to share!