Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zorah Karasi 2011 Areni Noir (Armenia)

Zorah Karasi 2011 Areni Noir (grape), $21.99-$34.99, 90 points, poured a lovely candy-apple red with a broad clear wine ring.
The floral aroma was shy, as was hints of red cherry and an unusual apple component, but they were pleasant nonetheless.
This dry red wine barely reached the weight of medium-body; good acidity and firm furry tannin carried Pinot Noir like flavors of red raspberry, strawberry, and red cherry.
Finished long on the trailing palate, a floral note, tart pomegranate, nuanced spice, and a well-integrated 13% alcohol.
I was struck with how clean and pure this wine was, and would not hesitate to buy another; certainly there's table-setting gravitas, and the Areni Noir would be a remarkable wine for your wine-taster club's blind "guess this wine" gathering.


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