Sunday, March 6, 2016

Château Rouget Grand Vin Pomerol 2008 Bordeaux Red Wine

Château Rouget Grand Vin Pomerol 2008 Bordeaux Red Wine, $42.49-$49.99, 89 points, was core black grading ruby to brick red with a broad clear wine ring.
Aromas of shy soft clove, cinnamon, and coffee notes with hints of bourbon and black cherry were good.
Medium-plus body was luscious enough to give a full-bodied impression, but mid-palate thinness was conflicting.
Fair to good acidity with comfortably round supportive tannin managed flavors of plum, pomegranate, coffee, and savory with some finesse.
Finished fair on good lingering spices and a warm 14% alcohol.
Commentary: This was one of the first Bordeaux wines I bought, back then, maybe five years ago, I was hesitant to buy Bordeaux, because of the cost verses value uncertainty, and without having researched this wine, looking back, my hesitation was justified. Not a bad wine, just not up to the standards of a $50 bottle of red wine; maybe a 2010 vintage would justify the cost, but I haven't seen that wine offered in New Hampshire.


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  1. As a side note: The second day this wine improved at least a "+ point", as it seemed to become more harmonious and meaty with a cocoa note.