Monday, August 29, 2016

Argiolas Costamoloni D.O.C. Vermentino di Sardegna 2015

Argiolas Costamoloni D.O.C. Vermentino di Sardegna 2015, $12.99-$16.99, 92 points*,  poured a rich gold color with a green cast.
Smells of apple and pome fruit with a fresh-cut hay aroma were excellent.
Light-bodied with good acidity harbored elusive flavors which were reflective of the aromas accented by granite infused lime notes.
Finished fantastic on lively ginger, melon rind, and a potent 14% alcohol.
A rather complex white wine comparable with a good Sauvignon Blanc.
Paired perfectly with my steamed Maine lobster and melted butter.
*In vino veritas: Cellar Tracker was not as impressed with this wine, but after spending several hours with this one, I'll stick with my high praise.


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  1. Really nice producer from Sardinia. If you get the chance, try their Korem red blend. And, another producer to watch for is Pala. You're doing a good service here mate. Forza Italia!

    1. John: As always thx for the info and encouragement.
      If I encourage one or two others with these supporting posts, then I'll be pleased (of course the drinking of such great wines is hard work;).
      Tuscan Vines is The giant at this, but one does what one can: every drop makes for a river! Everyone has their calling!

  2. True amico. And hey, just FYI, you transposed the wine name in your post.