Saturday, August 13, 2016

Groth Napa Valley 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

Groth Napa Valley 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, $16.95-$21.99, 94 points, poured a light glossy gold color trending clear at the glass edge.
Soft aromatic notes crossing the boundaries of tropical, citrus, grassy, and floral were excellent.
Light-bodied with mouth-watering acidity managed a bounty of balanced Lychee, peach, citrus, and floral flavors.
Finished exceptionally long on the trailing palate, melon rind, good ginger notes, and a well-integrated big 14.5% alcohol.
Paired perfectly with our steamed Maine Lobsters and fresh Atlantic Oysters on the half-shell with lemon and peri-peri sauce.
Varietals were 81% Sauvignon Blanc and 19% Sémillon which was from five-year old vines.
Today is exactly one year since I tasted the
Groth 2014 SB, but this 2015 just could be the best Sauvignon Blanc I've ever tasted; beautiful!

Groth Vineyards, why it's a "go to" winery.


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  1. Recently had this, slightly elevated acid - still have a bottle of 2014 somewhere I should do a comparison tasting.

    1. VG: You should! I'll be waiting for your report.
      As for this wine's 19% Sémillon compared to the 2014's 9% Sémillon, that you should notice, but maybe not the .3% less alcohol.
      One more note: How in the world did Groth keep such good acidity with that much usually low-acid Sémillon?