Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rosé Wines, The Big Domestic Push

Rosé Wines,
 the big domestic push that's satisfying America's love of wine and good food.

In the small State of New Hampshire the Rosé wines most often seen are usually French with a few from Italy, Spain, Argentina, even Austria and Portugal, a trickle from California, and few from the Finger Lakes, but this year the explosion of Rosé wines is coming from the West Coast Wineries, and though I've only opened, midway through the year, four domestic Rosé wines, this sample has impressed me.
Many imbibers haven't appreciated the niche that Rosé fills, but it's a wine hard-to-beat for that summertime heat tipple; Rosé is refreshing and with light strawberry, cherry, and nuanced floral flavors, lower alcohol, as well as spicy food pair-ability (my personal favorite), and comes bubbly spritzed as well; the choice of Rosé should be on your menu.
See i-winereview.com for Rosé's compatibility with almost everything.
Prices are usually very reasonable, even from great wineries ($5-$30), and it's not unusual to find a Rosé that competes favorably quality-wise with very expensive red wines (less intensive vinification).
I wished that I had explored Rosé sooner.

Rosé Wines (USA)


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