Saturday, June 17, 2017

Russians love (used to) The New Hampshire Wine Blog!

Куда пропали все русские винные любители? *

Russians love (used to) The New Hampshire Wine Blog! 

Just a few weeks ago I was commenting that for nearly seven (7) years the NHWM blog was receiving thousands of page views from our wine-loving friends in Russia; three weeks ago and all of a sudden, and for the first time in all this time, not a single page view from Russia!
Anyone want to speculate?
In fact, I posted a thank you post to my Russian friends back in 2013:

Русские любители вина

Приветствую моих русских друзей!
Надеюсь, солнце не опустится на твои визиты!


*Where have all the Russian wine lovers gone?


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  1. That's funny. They're probably all too busy with American politics to read blogs anymore.

    1. VG: Ha!
      I was thinking something more sinister!
      To my surprise, there has been 3 page views from Russia in response to this post, first in three weeks! Glasnost lives?

  2. Well, whatever was going on with damming NHWM's Russian viewers has finally broken free (June 30-July 1st) with nearly 600 page views; something was going on, but glad to have my Russian friends back.

    Хорошее вино подходит для жизни;