Friday, July 6, 2012

Fess Parker Frontier Red Wine Lot No.113

Fess Parker Frontier Red Wine Lot No.113,  $10-$12, (Bought at Market Basket in Londonderry) 89 points, has a clear cran-ruby color, with sweet cherry, violets, and hints of cooking spice on the nose, all of which nicely follows-through onto the palate with some plum.
A smooth medium body handles a light acidity (slightly sweet) with tentative tannin, and finishes long on spice and a touch of heat (14.9% alcohol).  There is some intrigue in the grape varieties in this wine, with the 57% Syrah accounting for some of that spice, and a long list of other less recognizable varietals: 14% Cinsault, and traces of Grenache,  Napa Gamay,  Souzao,  Touriga Nacional,  Tinta Cao,  Cabernet Franc,  Mourvedre, Alvarelhao.
Want a good red-wine value for your barbecue? This is up there with the best values I can think of; with so much to appeal to so many, you'd have a hard time not winning some kind of applause for serving the Frontier Red.


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  1. Agreed. This is an excellent choice for burgers and pizza.

    Souzao, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Cao are all grapes usually associated with vintage Port.

    1. Bill, I take it that you've tasted this wine?
      Yeah, I'd highly recommend this wine for easy-going gatherings where price is relevant i.e. BBQ, but also its broad appeal makes this wine a "go-to" one in my book.

    2. Yeah, I've had quite a few bottles of this over the years. Not sure which "lots" I've had, but I've had lots of 'em! :)

      I haven't had one this year so it's entirely possible I haven't had the Lot 113 yet. Great "house wine."