Monday, July 23, 2012

Jammy Zinfandels

There is Zinfandel wines here, but so-much of what I have to write about is not wine related. Yeah, jams, jellies, preserves, and conserves make for a great way to ferret-out aromas and flavors in wine, but in researching this aspect of wine education, serendipity happened and I came across something other than Concord grape jams and jellies: Muscat grape jelly! Wow, what a lovely change-of-pace. Then there was-is Tangerine marmalade; I feel like my taste-buds were locked-up in some family tradition that had a governor holding back a world of flavor.
Everyone who reads this blog "knows" Bill and John. It was maybe four or five years ago I discovered the great flavor of Yellow-fin tuna, and I wasn't surprised to read Bill and John comment on this under-appreciated tuna; that is what has happened to me with jams and jellies, but just as I broke out of Madison Avenue's grip on my purchases of tuna, and jams, so it is with wine; step-out of the mold, if an untasted varietal is not too expensive, give a taste, what could you gain, but a renewed youthful approach to life.

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