Saturday, July 21, 2012

Desiderio JEIO Prosecco

Desiderio JEIO Prosecco, $14.99-$16.99, 92 points, is a remarkably delicious frizzante wine; with effervescence swirling madly as in an eddy and forming a foam-head reminiscent of a cold brew, this wine actually matches any beer I've had paired with Buffalo wings (Cayenne and  Cholula).

This wine is Brut, has good acidity, and a near medium body carries on its neutral character bright elegance, refreshing and crisp with hints of pear and beech-wood, lively and delicate.
With nearly invisible gray/brass hues, and feather-light aroma of citrus and melon, this wine is as pleasant as a slight breeze on a hot beech, sounds of terns and gulls, children splashing, and an ambiance of calm joy; this is the wine I want in my glass as I pass the time away.
How I love this wine? Let me count the ways.


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