Sunday, July 1, 2012

Perfect Union 2009 Red Wine, Whitehall Lane Winery

Perfect Union 2009 Red Wine from Whitehall Lane Winery, is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon (with some Merlot and Syrah) from Napa Valley, and was a steal at $16.14, having a New Hampshire retail price of $35.99.
Though other wine tasters were not as fond of this wine as I was, scoring this Red Wine 91 points was a no-brainer to me.The color is a deep magenta, with a transparent rim, and it is opaque at the core.
A bouquet of flowers, cinnamon, clove, earthy cedar, tart cherry, and a hint of espresso blossomed from my glass to give a striking nose.
Having a near full body, gave a smooth mouth-feel yet carried fair acidity and mild tannin.
Flavors of plum, tart cherry, and hints of mocha were up front, and the finish is a long nuanced blend of spice, a hint of heat and menthol.
The release date is suppose to be July 4, 2012, but somehow I have a bottle, and I for one, am glad for it.


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July 4th always reminds me of Dvorak's New World Symphony


  1. Nice note. Sounds like my kind of blend!

    Bizarre timing on the release. I can see them wanting this thing to coincide with the 4th of July, but wouldn't they want to release it a week or two beforehand? I don't plan on going to the liquor store on the 4th of July. I'd rather be stocked-up before the festivities.

    1. Bill, I've seen this for a couple of weeks, but when I finally picked up the bottle and looked at the back label and seeing that it was produced by Whitehall Lane, I grabbed it. Their web-site lists this wine for $30

    2. Whitehall Lane is distributed in Kansas, but the wholesaler doesn't carry the Perfect Union blend. Bummer.

  2. Hello, Thanks so much for reviewing our red blend, Perfect Union. We've actually been selling it on our website and through our tasting room for a couple of months.
    Enjoy the wine with family and friends. Most importantly, Happy Independence Day!
    Sincerely, Katie Leonardini and Whitehall Lane Winery