Sunday, January 27, 2013

Château Mezain Grand Vin De 2011 Bordeaux

Château Mezain Grand Vin De 2011 Bordeaux, $9.34-$12.99, 82 points, opens with a funky sour black fruit and shoe-polish aroma (unpleasant); as the wine breathed there was some reclamation of normalcy.
Good acidity and mild tannin mark the medium-plus body of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as a somewhat substantial wine, though the dominant flavor is reminiscent of a mass-produced inexpensive California straight Merlot, with some hints of petrol suppressing what blackberry comes through.
The finish follows the palate and adds just a touch of spice, but even the spice is subdued by the unpleasant palate.
I can't see this wine improving significantly as to warrant buying it again, even though this is a spanking new vintage (first 2011 I've seen) that could develop over time.


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  1. Yikes-I haven't picked up a shoe polish aroma yet, and hope that I don't.