Thursday, January 24, 2013

Château MOULIN BOYER 2009 Bordeaux,

Château MOULIN BOYER 2009 Bordeaux, $10.19-$11.99, 88 points, begins with a somewhat lighter black currant red than many other Bordeaux red wines I've looked at, quite clear with just the faintest orange cast and a transparent rim.
Floral expressions dominate the nose, but an array of lovely accents, black cherry, sweet cooking spice, and cedar compliment each other.
There's lots going in this medium-plus bodied dry red wine carrying noticeable acid and tannin which tend to smother the fruit, but an oaky plum manages to give a bit of depth, and the chalky long finish leaves the whole affair with the memory of spice and heat (unusual for a red wine of only 13% alcohol).
How many times have we heard the expression: Vineyard over vintage? Now, all I'm hearing in regards to 2009-2010 Bordeaux is: Vintage is supreme!
Well, not knowing enough, I'm guessing there's truth to both of these ideas; however, I'd think that in great vintages, you'll likely find great value in unheralded places, and I'd say this is one of those places. With good flavor, maybe a bit rough for some, I found this to be an excellent QPR red wine.


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  1. Hi Dennis,

    Sorry for the many months' delay - I so rarely check into Facebook. Anyhow I'm glad the wine you tried was at least drinkable! There are several châteaux in Bordeaux, at least one domaine in Burgundy, and one in Champagne that are attached to the Boyer name, which is a reasonably common French surname. I've always been treated well while in France and part of it may be because of that. If the Boyer's on that side of the pond stop making drinkable wine, however, I might not get treated so well, yes?

    Anyhow, I hope all is well with you and keep doing the great work that you do with this monumental wine website!

    Best wishes,

    David Boyer

    1. David: I'm at a loss for words, but COOL will do as I show my age! This was definitely worth the pesos, and I'd love to find the other Boyer wines available in NH!
      As always, be well!