Saturday, January 12, 2013

Folie à Deux Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County 2010 Zinfandel

Folie à Deux Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County 2010 Zinfandel, $12.74-$18.99, 89 points, with high clarity, this ruby to Shiraz purple dry red wine with a broad transparent rim begins its enticement; followed by a sweet spicy red cherry aroma and a modicum of alcohol (14.3%) continues the ensnarement.
The unsuspecting taster has been set-up by expectations, based on price, to experience another in a long list of less than enjoyable Zinfandel wines (though not lately), but not this one, and though there's a bit of grape-skin after-taste, this Zinfandel lurks lightly and cleanly until it traps you with a wonderful finish of trailing tart red cherry and moderate tannin with long-lasting white pepper and a blend of other warm spices.
Medium bodied with good acidity and red fruit flavors, this Zinfandel adds just a touch of plum to make the captured prey say "yes!"
So, Do you wanna dance?


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