Sunday, April 15, 2012

Petit Ken Forrester 2011 Chenin Blanc

South Africa's

Petit Ken Forrester 2011 Chenin Blanc, 
$8.49-$11.99, 87 points, is another value white wine from South Africa where more Chenin Blanc is grown than in France from whence comes the grape.
I don't drink wine because it is from conscientious producers, but that is a satisfying plus, and Ken Forrester Winery proclaims that as their note-worthy wine making policy. Ken-Forrester-wines-Home page, go to "About" for details.
To the wine: often apple is suppose to be the fruit offering in Chenin Blanc, but in this mineral clear wine I could only smell and taste honey dew melon. Certainly others will find much more than I could, but let me just say that the flavor carried on this medium bodied white wine was quite good and had plenty of acidity to pair with my pizza.
The finish was fairly long on ginger spice and just a hint of effervescence.


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  1. "I don't drink wine because it is from conscientious producers, but that is a satisfying plus"

    Well said, Dennis. I don't give a winery a pass for being "green" or "organic" or employing minorities or being "fair trade" or whatever, but it is indeed a satisfying bonus.

    The store where I work is featuring all organic and "green" wineries for our wine of the month club selections since it's Earth Month. I've tried most of them (I'm saving all the reviews for one write-up) and some of them are terrific and some are awful. But I'm not cutting anyone any slack for making a substandard wine just because he's using earth-friendly practices.

    1. Bill, I guess it's weird: we agree and there's harmony in the air. Is it the age of Aquarius?
      I can't wait for your reviews.