Monday, April 2, 2012

Rodney Strong Winery

  For those who like controversy, I'm not one of them, this piece by Alder at Vinography and the 49 comments gathered at the end of his great article, has long got my attention, but on this blog I'm mostly concerned with the wine. So, as to not leave you in the dark, I've linked below the article for those who might be interested in the "rules" governing blogger's reviews and wineries; I have not received any wines and have not had the occasion to sign such a statement or contract, but as I've often reviewed several wines from wineries as White Hall Lane, Clayhouse, and others.
  Now that I'm preparing to taste a number of Rodney Strong wines, I thought I might prepare my readers.
The occasion is NHLS's 15% off of "Green wine" sales. 
I've reviewed some of Rodney Strong's wines in the past, and have found them well worth the money, in fact I was still able to buy their Merlot, this vintage is the 2008, for an unbelievable $7.64! If this Merlot is anything like their 2007, it is stock-up-time my friends.

Vinography "utter stupidity of the FTC

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