Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Saints 2008 Chardonnay

Three Saints Santa Barbara County 2008 Chardonnay,
$12.60-$17.00, 90 points, has a lemon/lime color, with aromas of blooming orchards, melon, with hints of lemon zest.
The nearly full body carries flavors of indiscernible melon with grapefruit notes that were just noticeable. Three Saints has great fineness, fresh and satisfying.
The finish is fair on vanilla spice. and warmth (14.1% alcohol).

Three Saints was bought at the Londonderry Hannaford's super market.

Saint number 1: Sophie Scholl
Saint number 2: The Ten Boom Family
Saint number 3: C.S. Lewis


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  1. I tried this a few weeks ago with a distributor rep and a salesman from the winery. I remember liking it, but I didn't take any specific notes on it. I thought their wines were quite nice across the board.

    Are you familiar with their "67" red blend? We just got 14 cases of it in as we're featuring it as a special; but not until May.

    1. No. But if I saw it I would want it; let me know what you think.