Friday, June 1, 2012

CA' Del Solo Estate Vineyard Monterey County 2007 Dolcetto

Bonny Doon CA' Del Solo Estate Vineyard Monterey County 2007 Dolcetto, $16.99-$19.99, 91 points, represents another rare find in domestic Dolcetto wine, and this one is slightly better than the former, in my humble opinion, but with an easier price to boot.
CA' Del Solo has a deep ruby-cranberry color and an obvious transparent rim.
The spiced plum, tart cherry aroma begins quite nicely but fades after some time and with lots of air.
A medium to heavy body carries medium acidity and tannins, with cherry/plum flavors embued with violets, all on its layered, but smooth texture.
The finish is refined, and the spice continues at length.
Bottom dollar? This maybe a best buy Dolcetto! Are you interested in going outside of the box, are you exploring wines (Red), then if you've wanted to taste a Dolcetto, why not give this one a try? Look, my friends chide me about my pairings, but this was great with a meatball onion green pepper sub, and will go with most pizza and pasta dishes.

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  1. V-girl, I know you commented on the Tommasi post, but for some reason (Again) I can't comment on that("My")post! So, yes I had the Tommasi alone, with a rare strip-steak/FF, and a pepperoni pizza; very parochial and unremarkable, I know!

    Hi Claire!

  2. If you're on a Cal-Ital (specifically Dolcetto) kick, it's worth your time and effort to seek out some of the delicious wines from Palmina.

    1. Bill, I'm just surprised to find two Domestic Dolcetto wines in NH. Haven't seen Palmina.
      Bill, how's your new enterprise going?

    2. Still keeping busy looking for a warehouse, delivery vehicle, filling out paperwork, etc. Got 3 wineries lined up so far that I'm excited about. Probably need 1 or 2 more. Looking to launch in early fall.