Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Charles & Charles 2010 Rosé

Charles And Charles 2010 Rosé, $12.99, 88 points, is sourced from 100% Syrah.
The color is a medium red to pink.
The aroma is sweet melon with floral characteristics.
A light body carries good acidity with thin tart cherry flavors that carries to its conclusion.

And with this Rosé I conclude my first exploration and newbie appraisal of  Rosé wines; now, I was not alone in this adventure, and the other newbie wine tasters were not so affectionate to these wines as I was, but one must begin somewhere.


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  1. Love the rose notes. Keep 'em coming!

    You might be in an "experimental" phase right now, but I suspect you'll soon come to the realization that there's nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a chilled dry rose.

    And they are great with salads, tuna tartare and any number of appetizers.

    What did some of the other tasters say about them?

  2. Dennis,

    I just tried this one about 10 days ago, although I haven't posted my notes yet. It appears that our palates are in complete agreement on this one, I had it as an 88 as well. And I agree with the UGA Wino--roses do go down quite nicely in the summer.



  3. Okay, if you need some help converting the Philistines, here's what you do:

    Make a delicious tuna tartare with pita chips or maybe a big Nicoise salad (fresh tuna or good quality canned tuna in olive oil) and tell your "tasting panel" that you're have a little al fresco luncheon. Even better if it's pretty warm outside.

    Open up a nice rose or two and then have a modest Cab or Merlot (Castle Rock or something similar) open that you're prepared to sacrifice for the cause.

    Let your tasters go back and forth between the rose and the heavy Cab and I think they'll start to understand rose in its proper context as a great wine for lighter foods and outdoor settings. Yeah, I know it's rigging the ballot box to do so, but sometimes you have to take more extreme measures to get a point across. :)

  4. Rosé is where it's at. Bottom line. Food friendly & refreshing, it's so far from White Zin or "blush" wines.

    Castle Rock? Blech.

    Seriously, though...aside from that part, listen to Bill. Or save your rosé for yourself if no one's willing. Let them stay in their boxes. I've had good luck converting. Many of my friends now can't wait for "rosé season".

    This particular rosé is one of my go-to wines. I have a bevy of them that I love, but for the price, this one doesn't have a lot of competition.

    1. Claire, I have indeed made some inroads of 'conversion'! It seems after a day or two, the wine became more palatable to some.
      Loved it for at least three days (How come so long?).
      So, you've tried the Castle Rock? Blech!
      I know you'll be happy to know I have the Bonny-Doon, but so little time and so much wine.
      I told you I was the most boring person in the world, and usually after two or three glasses of wine I'm ready for a nap.

    2. Wow, this wine lasted 3 days? 3??? How in the hell did that happen? It would never happen in my house. I've never had a 2nd day rosé that I know of, but I would be skeptical of one that's been open for 3, even with gas. But hey, it worked for you, so cool.

      Bonny Doon is good. I like their rosé quite a bit, as well as many of their other wines. We went to their tasting room several years ago while we were in Santa Cruz. It was really nice & a great experience.

      I personally think that people have an aversion to rosé because of White Zin. The fact is that it's so far removed from it - dry rosés cover a broad spectrum of color, acidity & flavor. They can be fruity like Kool Aid & still no or very little residual sugar, or they can be bone dry. Once people explore & find the style that they like - or styles, in my case - they're in.

      The only varietal that I have consistently disliked as a rosé is Merlot. I love Merlot as a red, but I've just never found a rosé of Merlot that I like. Of coursr, I'll keep trying!

    3. Wow! Merlot rose. I'll have to see if I can find a good one.
      Yeah, all wines are an adventure for us newbies, but I'm-a-divin in. With your help I'll try to avoid some pit-falls.
      Thanks Claire,