Tuesday, June 19, 2012

R. Stuart Big Fire 2008 Dry Rosé

R. Stuart Big Fire 2008 Dry Rosé, about $15.00, 87 points, has a strawberry apricot color, kiwi/fig nose, good acidity carries on a light body wisps of tart flavors like strawberry and kiwi, and concluding with a spicy finish. I believe that this wine is sourced from Pinot Noir, Pinio Gris, and Syrah.
I enjoyed this pink wine as it warmed.
I am an adventurer into wine, but Rosé is totally new to me, and I walk this path gently with some respect for Rosé's quirky appeal to so many. So, relax, enjoy the pictures, and muse over a glass of Rosé. 


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